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Steering Wheel Action – Street Course

In-Car Cameras — Good for Watching Hand Positioning Watch Tony’s struggle to hold the wheel out of the hairpin in the very last shot of this video…don’t skip ahead, this one’s worth every second. Ryan’s upper wing on his right […]

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Ayrton Senna Footwork

Ayrton Senna at Play in an Acura NSX Ayrton probably didn’t have a lot of seat-time in this car when this was shot. So, the amount of lock needed to dance it around the corners wasn’t as ingrained as it […]

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Racing Steering Wheel Grip Design Tips

As inventor of the PersonaGrip custom-molded racecar steering wheels, I discuss designing the top wing on a racing steering wheel in this video. Lessons learned from the world’s best drivers in IndyCar, Formula One, NASCAR, ALMS, et al. over the […]

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