Left- or Right-Foot Braking — a Matter of Preference

Driving stars discuss braking techniques in this SAFEisFAST video.

If you’re a right-foot braker, I recommend practicing left-foot braking on the street for a few months before you take it to the track.

Obviously, an automatic transmission is ideal for learning subconscious competency in left-foot braking.

However, manual transmission cars can also be used in re-training your brain as long as it is used in corners that require only a minor speed adjustment and don’t require a downshift.

Gearbox Dependent

The gas pedal in Beck’s Lister Corvette #007 has been modified to allow blips for heel-and-toe braking when downshifting the synchronized gearbox.  However, if #007 had a dog box, then left-foot braking could be used with the right foot dedicated to the gas pedal.