Ed’s Driver’s Ed

In 1989, while working at SAE as Associate Editor for Automotive Engineering magazine, I accepted an invitation to speak in Washington DC about the “State of Driver’s Ed in this Country”…that was before the Internet.

Many of the concepts I delivered in my presentation centered around teaching our youth CAR CONTROL. At that time, it boiled down to investing in a “Train the Trainer” program since “the phys-ed coach” usually taught Driver’s Ed in high school.

Back then, trackdays were virtually unknown, and Solo competition was it unless you got a trailer and went road racing.

Fast Forward

With the Internet today, sponsors can get a worldwide audience for their messages.

If you continue to think terrestrially, the following will make little sense.  The Internet is 180-degrees apart from mainstream media.  With broadband now in everyone’s pocket, online video is on fire.

At www.888ViralVideo.com, I tell clients to think of video marketing as an investment, rather than expense.  Unlike traditional print, “frequency” is generated on its own when it’s done right and goes viral.

So, with time, it grows and gains effectiveness.  With a proper print ad campaign behind it, it can explode.

Below is a brief outline of a program that is rich with benefits to its sponsors.

Ed’s Drivers Ed — The Program

16 hrs/day — a FREE fully staffed track is available for anyone to test-and-tune, or otherwise try out a car…something along the lines of a small Nurburgring, but free.

When you consider the cost of just the recent spike in auto crashes in America (NBC story), it would be cheaper in the long run to staff small tracks just outside of towns.

New car auto dealers selling high performance cars would have an interest, and local motorsports-oriented dealers will be eager to help sponsor the various events.

Exclusive motorsports country-club-style facilities use a similar business model, but now anyone can come.

By rotating a group of driving instructors and giving them free access to the streaming video studios for broadcasting their webisodes — think: an educational version of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” — there will be no shortage of instructors.

Their lessons will be streamed LIVE, and later polished up and posted on a sponsor-branded YouTube channel after each event.

Properly executed, this project has a WORLDWIDE benevolence factor for the positive social impact it will have all across the globe.

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