Team Wheels — Designing for the Task

  • Team Steering Wheels are Designed for the TASK

Team Wheels — Designing for the Task

June 28, 2015

Custom Molding Team Steering Wheels

In endurance racing several drivers must use the same steering wheel.  This requires a completely different design approach.

When more than one driver uses the custom-molded steering wheel, it is designed for the TASK, and not for the individual.

However, it is perfectly understandable how drivers believe that custom-molded steering wheels are personalized; after all, the name PERSONAgrip implies it, right?

Truth be known, PersonaGrip’s name comes from the dictionary definition of “personify”, which is to give HUMAN-LIKE characteristics to an inanimate object…and that’s where it ends.

So, designing for the task simply means adding leveraging surfaces that stop or arrest the slip that would otherwise occur if the drivers’ handgrip tension were relaxed…simple.

Designing for the TASK

As long as most of the team’s drivers have all ten fingers intact, designing for the task is relatively simple.

Drivers with the smallest fingers determine the wheel’s girth in the valley of the flutes, while the driver with the largest hand determines the finger flute spacing…again, simple.

So, next time you hear a driver on your team saying that team steering wheels can’t be custom-molded, send them this link.  Then again, if they’re your competitor, just agree with them and tell them it’s a bloody waste of time and money….just make sure to hide your custom-molded steering wheel first.